Kevin at State Line Falls

Hear the roar of the rapids and be transported to a world where danger is just another Tuesday. The slower start of this video grips you in the here and now and entrances you to watch and listen to the awesome power of nature.That sound is hundreds of gallons of water racing and beating down on centuries old rock formations, nature beating against nature. The knowledge that anyone would be crazy enough to kayak or raft down this river is inspiring.

Suddenly, much too quickly, there’s a man in a bright kayak doing what kayakers do best: he’s paddling. paddling towards what seems like too much of a drop, too steep of a cliff for any sane person. But maybe Kevin isn’t sane, because he’s obviously a veteran kayaker and he’s racing towards what to normal people would be sheer terror. I’m saying the water would be warmer if I was Kevin then.

Does Kevin make it? Does he flip over and have to battle the rapids to roll over? Watch Kevin at State Line Falls and see.

Are you like Kevin? Do you hear adventure calling out to you saying tube down this river, explore this cave, raft over these rapids and kayak towards waterfalls? Contact Us and see what you’re made of.