Cubic rock drop! State Line Jr.

This is a video of several intrepid and adventures kayakers and rafters going down Cubic Rock Drop on the Watagua River. Located between Asheville and Boone, NC, the Cubic Rock Drop is the perfect challenge for all levels of paddlers. New kayakers and rafters get the rush of practicing their new skills and seeing all of their hard work come to fruition as they float down a substantial drop. Older veterans of the water get to refresh their skills and relish in the progress they’ve made in the rapids.

David makes it look easy as he paddles down Cub Rock Drop. He’s followed by Ken rafting down in a raft. Joe follows him in a bright yellow raft to the applause of everyone there and the people watching this video. Mike bounces down the levels of this drop and you can feel how quickly the water is rushing over the rocks beneath. More rafters follow, happy that they’ve come this far in their journey down the river.

Watch the video and see the action for yourself.

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