Scouting Programs

River and Earth Adventures, Inc follows Boy Scouts of America guidelines for merit badge programs.  All programs include qualified guides with understanding of scouting ethics. Guides are also first aid and CPR certified.

Expect to have all transportation made available. We make pick up at all local campgrounds.

The following badges are offered:

White Water


This day includes a comprehensive explanation and training of all basic whitewater safety philosophies as well as equipment. Expect to gain knowledge of navigating white water safely. This is a fun day, which includes learning, swimming, canoeing, kayaking, rafting, rescue, and challenge.


Learn the basic of canoe design as well as history. Learn to control the canoe in a variety of situations. Also learn how to do different rescue techniques.


Learn the joys of hiking. Expect to learn different hiking techniques, rought finding, map reading with compass and GPS, pacing supplies, safety and first aid.


Learn the basics of geology including 3 basic rock types, mineral formation, and cave formation. Learn what geologists study. Speak with a real geologist. Learn the most common careers for geologists in today’s society. This can be accomplished on a hike, cave trip, or rock climbing.